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Welcome to the website of residents business and interested parties of Lapwing Lane, West Didsbury, Manchester.

This website is about Lapwing Lane in West Didsbury Manchester. It contains: Items of interest about the local community, Information about commercial and non commercial businesses and organisation in the area as well as, Links to other relevant websites that feature content relating to Lapwing Lane and the local area.

Set in the leafy suburb of West Didsbury in South Manchester, England about 4.5 miles (7.2 km) south of Manchester city centre, Lapwing Lane is home to a young and friendly community of people many of which come from an academic background that enjoy socialising and living life to the full. Developed at the turn of the century it has many well kept and impressive houses and building including the former Mercantile Bank of Lancashire designed by Joseph Swarbrick in 1903 and Withington Town Hall c.1880-1890, both Grade II listed building. Lapwing Lane also support many independent businesses providing a vibrant, European style cafe society atmosphere boasting some of the most talked about restaurants, bars and shops in the area. It is home to the ‘The Metropolitan’ one of South Manchester’s most popular gastro pubs as well as ‘Greens’ which has a well established reputation for vegetarian cuisine run by celebrity chef Simon Rimmer. Known as one of the coolest places to be seen many famous people travel to this area to visit lapwing lanes excellent hair and beauty studio’s as well as shop in its chic boutiques. It is also home to the Northern tennis club which hosts the international (ATP) mens’ Tennis tournament each January on its performance standard courts.

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Through the establishment of this website it is hoped to provide a common place for people living and working on Lapwing Lane who share an interest. If you have anything you wish to contribute please send it to enquiries@lapwinglane.com or fill out a enquiry on the contact us page and we will be happy deal with your request.

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